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| B LUCK SHOE Wrestling Shoes for Men Youth & Kids Size 3-13 Style LY178 Red

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COMFORTABLE AND FIT: B LUCK SHOE size 13 wrestling shoes provide a secure fit with a mid-top build that supports your ankles. The cushioned insole of these wrestling shoes conforms to your foot with soft padding, while the mesh ventilation keeps you cool and comfortable as you train.

WIDELY APPLICATION: These wrestling shoes are perfect for a variety of workouts in and out of the gym, including Boxing, Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Martial Arts, interval running, treadmill, MMA and workouts.

UNIQUE DESIGN: The lightweight design and custom outsole of these wrestling boxing shoes allow for explosive agility, with an anchored grip for pinpoint pivots. The flexible soles of these wrestling shoes have angled grooves that provide a stable, anchored grip, while the custom toe creases give you traction for pinpoint pivots and maximum power transfer when you throw a punch.

ANCHORED GRIP: These wrestling shoes' rubber soles provide an anchored grip that gives you stability during your workouts.

WARM TIPS: Please check the size chart before purchasing these wrestling shoes. Delivery will take 7-15 days after shipping. If you have any questions about our wrestling shoes or shipping methods, please contact us. Thanks in advance! These wrestling shoes are made with microfiber for added durability and comfort.

size 10.5-11 Wide Women/9-9.5 Wide Men, 10.5-11WideWomen/9-9.5WideMen, 11.5-12 Wide Women/10-10.5 Wide Men, 11.5-12WideWomen/10-10.5WideMen, 12.5-13 Wide Women/11-11.5 Wide Men, 12.5-13WideWomen/11-11.5WideMen, 13.5-14 Wide Women/12-12.5 Wide Men, 13.5-14WideWomen/12-12.5WideMen, 14.5-15 Wide Women/13-13.5 Wide Men, 14.5-15WideWomen/13-13.5WideMen, 5.5-6 Wide Women/4-4.5 Wide Men, 5.5-6WideWomen/4-4.5WideMen, 6.5-7 Wide Women/5-5.5 Wide Men, 6.5-7WideWomen/5-5.5WideMen, 7.5-8 Wide Women/6-6.5 Wide Men, 7.5-8WideWomen/6-6.5WideMen, 8.5-9 Wide Women/7-7.5 Wide Men, 8.5-9WideWomen/7-7.5WideMen


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